Vivek Gopalakrishnan

A collection of blog posts about math, machine learning, etc.

The Conjugate Gradient Method
Jul 6, 2022 ☾ Geometric underpinnings, eigenvalues, and the convergence rate

A Fun Interpretation of Unitary Matrices
May 28, 2022 ☾ Why are the rows orthonormal?

Graph Cuts, Graph Laplacians, and λ2\lambda_2
Jan 31, 2022 ☾ Another interesting eigenvalue application!

A Quick Formulation of Compressed Sensing
Dec 27, 2021 ☾ A very, very mininal derivation of the optimization

Some Spectral Properties of Markov Chains
Nov 10, 2021 ☾ The power of Gershgorin and his Circles

Deriving PCA from the Courant–Fischer Theorem
Sep 6, 2021 ☾ A variational eigenvalue characterization of principle components

Farewell Hopkins (For Now...)
May 17, 2021 ☾ Thank you very much JHU